Nuwave Radio the radio station that plays for all time zone

If you wanna listen to plenty eclectic music on a station that’s “Moving In The Right  Direction” like Steve Parkes look no further than Nuwave radio. With specialist shows from a select few of multifaceted Dj’s and musicologists, Nuwave is bringing the equilibrium frequency 24/7 365 days a year direct to your ears more than Natasha King’s “AM/FM” and The Clashes “Radio Clash” . Amongst the Cameo “Knights Of The Soundtable” Nuwave’s  souljah’s include Dez Parkes, Marc Mac, Denz, Fitzroy (Soul Survivors), Ron Moody, Barry King, Sam FranDisco and Mira Parkes, so listen today or you can like Teena Marie “Tune in Tomorrow” or at anytime where ever you are or whatever is your timezone.

To listen click LISTEN NOW



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